What To Do If I Lost My LG TV Remote?

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How Can I Control My TV If I Lost My LG TV Remote?

Ever asked yourself, ‘What to do if I lost my LG TV remote?’ You’re not alone. This common issue disrupts our relaxation and entertainment routine, demanding a quick, efficient solution. Dive into our guide to discover a modern, hassle-free way to reclaim control over your viewing experience.

Introduction to the Dilemma of a Lost Remote

Losing the remote is a common frustration that disrupts our seamless TV viewing experience. It’s a scenario that many of us face, often leading to moments of annoyance as we search cushions, shelves, and the spaces between furniture.

The inconvenience goes beyond mere annoyance; it affects our access to relaxation, entertainment, and even essential information channels. The LG TV Remote app emerges as a beacon of hope in such situations, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly alternative to the traditional remote control. This introductory section aims to empathize with the reader’s predicament and sets the stage for introducing a modern solution to this age-old problem.

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Overview of the LG TV Remote App

The LG TV Remote app is designed to transform your smartphone into a versatile remote control for your LG TV, ensuring you’re never left stranded without a remote again. Compatible with a wide range of LG TV models, this app is a testament to convenience and technological advancement.

With its straightforward setup process and intuitive interface, the app caters to users of all tech-savviness levels. Key features include easy navigation, volume control, and access to your TV’s smart features, making it an indispensable tool for enhancing your viewing experience.

For those seeking an immediate and user-friendly solution to the lost remote conundrum, the LG TV Remote App offers a seamless way to transform your smartphone into a fully functional remote control for your LG TV.

This innovative app not only replaces the need for a physical remote but also enriches your TV viewing experience with its advanced features, such as voice commands, easy text input, and direct access to your favorite streaming services.

Whether you’ve misplaced your remote or simply prefer a more integrated technology solution, the LG TV Remote App is your key to a hassle-free entertainment setup.

Dive deeper into the features and setup process by visiting, and discover how you can elevate your LG TV experience today.

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How to Download and Set Up the LG TV Remote App?

Getting started with the LG TV Remote app is a breeze. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Search for the LG TV Remote App: Open the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices) and type “LG TV Remote App” in the search bar.
  2. Download and Install: Select the app from the search results and tap “Install” to download it onto your smartphone.
  3. Ensure Wi-Fi Connection: Before launching the app, make sure your smartphone and LG TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to facilitate smooth pairing.
  4. Open the App and Connect: Launch the LG TV Remote App on your smartphone. The app will search for your LG TV on the network. Select your TV from the list of available devices.
  5. Pair Your Device: Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your smartphone with your LG TV. This may involve entering a code displayed on your TV screen into the app.
  6. Start Controlling Your TV: Once paired, you can use your smartphone to control your LG TV. Enjoy navigating menus, adjusting volume, and accessing smart features with ease.

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Benefits of LG TV Remote App

The LG TV Remote app is not just a replacement for a lost remote; it’s an upgrade. With features like voice control and the ability to type using your phone’s keyboard, the app offers a level of convenience and functionality that physical remotes can’t match.

It also highlights the eco-friendly aspect of using a smartphone as a remote, reducing the need for batteries and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, the app’s integration with smart TV features means that users can enjoy a seamless and enriched viewing experience, making the most of what their LG TV has to offer.

  • Enhanced Convenience: The LG TV Remote app elevates your control with voice commands and keyboard typing, offering a smoother interaction than traditional remotes.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Switching to your smartphone for TV control cuts down on battery use, aligning with a greener lifestyle.
  • Smart TV Integration: Access all smart features of your LG TV directly from the app, ensuring a seamless and enriched viewing experience.
  • Upgraded Functionality: Beyond basic commands, the app provides advanced controls and settings adjustments, outperforming standard remotes.
  • Accessibility Features: With the app, users benefit from customizable settings to suit various needs, including text size adjustments and voice feedback.
  • Always at Hand: Since smartphones are often more closely guarded than remotes, the chance of losing your TV control significantly decreases.

Two smartphones with LG tV remote app on screens and an LG TV remote

What Does It Cost?

The app is offered free of charge for both download and usage. An upgrade is available for those who choose to subscribe, which unlocks additional features and removes advertisements. This subscription enhances the user experience by providing access to premium functionalities not available in the free version. The convenience of the app, combined with its cost-free basic service, makes it an appealing choice for LG TV owners. The option to subscribe for more features and an ad-free experience further adds to its appeal, offering users flexibility based on their preferences and needs.

LG TV Remote App Reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Works great!

Wish there was a widget!! I enjoy using this app but find myself going to another that has a widget due to the ease of use. I have the paid subscription and there are no complaints only this suggestion. I never need the remote which was a life saver with our puppy!!!!!!!


a review from the lg tv remote app in the Apple App Store

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ | Typing in the tv keyboard from the app.

When you use the normal tv remote you can type normally. When it comes to the app however, every time you click a letter you are prompted to upgrade and it does it every single time you click a letter. The problem is it keeps prompting when i don’t need to buy it. I’m not trying to use my phone keyboard I’m using the tv keyboard. Other than that, the app is pretty good.


Frequently Asked Questions

Three smartphones with lg tv remote app on the screen

How can I control my LG TV if I lost the remote?

If you’ve lost your LG TV remote, you can control your TV using the LG TV Remote app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices and can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Once installed, connect the app to your LG TV by ensuring both your smartphone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Follow the app’s setup instructions to pair your phone with your TV, and you’ll be able to navigate menus, adjust volume, and access smart features directly from your smartphone.

What features does the LG TV Remote app offer?

The LG TV Remote app offers a range of features designed to enhance your viewing experience. Key features include:

  • Remote Control Functionality: Use your smartphone as a remote to navigate your TV’s menu, adjust volume, and switch channels.
  • Voice Control: Some versions of the app support voice commands, allowing you to control your TV by speaking into your phone.
  • Keyboard Input: Easily type text on your TV, such as search queries or passwords, using your smartphone’s keyboard.
  • Access to Smart TV Features: Directly access smart TV functions like streaming services, apps, and internet browsing from the app. This app turns your smartphone into a versatile remote, ensuring you’re always in control of your LG TV, even without the physical remote.

LG TV remote app on ipad. Friends tV show on TV


For users seeking additional insights into maximizing their LG TV experience or troubleshooting common issues beyond remote control replacements, LG’s official support page offers a wealth of resources. Whether you’re looking to understand more about your TV’s features, need help with connectivity, or are curious about the latest updates, visiting LG Support can provide you with expert advice and solutions tailored to your specific model.


In conclusion, we believe the LG TV Remote app stands as a significant upgrade over traditional remote controls. Through our comprehensive review, we find that its innovative features—ranging from voice commands to the convenience of typing with a smartphone keyboard—greatly enhance the user experience.

In our opinion, the app not only addresses the inconvenience of a lost remote but also introduces a new dimension of interaction with your LG TV. When we tested and compared the LG TV Remote app against standard remotes, the difference was clear.

The app’s integration with smart TV functionalities and its eco-friendly advantage of reducing battery waste make it a superior choice. We strongly recommend giving the LG TV Remote app a try, as it promises to transform your TV viewing into a more seamless and enjoyable experience.


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