LG StandByME Ultimate Guide 2024

Find Out Everything About LG StandByME: Review, Tips, Price

With the recent release of LG StandByME, the tech giant seems to once again shape home entertainment trends. Or… is StandByME just another weird tech product with little real-world use?

Join us as we dissect the technical specifications, evaluate user experiences, and weigh the practicality of this unconventional device.

What Is LG StandByME?

LG StandByME is a 27-inch TV screen on a sturdy stand. The catch? It’s portable and fueled by a battery. It runs on WebOS Smart and has all of the traditional Smart TV capabilities.¬†That makes it a crossover between a laptop, a monitor and a TV.

But does it make the most out of each appliance’s features, or is it just a weird experimental amalgamation? Find out!

Is it worth it?

At a $999.99 price point, StandByME is an expensive product. We think that you can easily get a normal LG Smart TV with much better specs at a lower price (including leading QNED and OLED TVs).

If you have a need for a battery-powered TV that you can take with you around the house, then according to us LG StandByME is a product for you. Otherwise, we’d recommend skipping it in favor of a feature-packed Smart TV.


  • Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Touch Screen
  • 27-inch LED screen
  • 3 hr battery life
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 38.6 lbs TV + stand weight
  • 10.6 lbs TV weight
  • 10W speakers
  • HDMI 1.4 support

Features & Benefits

Adjustable stand

The StandByME TV stand gives you plenty of adjustability:

  • Rotate the screen by 180 degrees, so you can watch content vertically.
  • Swivel the screen by 130 degrees.
  • Tilt the screen by 50 degrees.
  • Adjust screen height by 20 centimeters.


The StandByMe stand has wheels that allow you to easily move it. at 38.6 pounds it’s quite heavy, so wheeling it is your best bet.

Also, because of its sturdy stand, it doesn’t need any additional furniture. It’s simply unpack and go!


LG StandByME has a 3-hour battery life. That’s good enough for a couple of episodes of your favorite TV show or two short movies.

Is LG StandByME Worth It?

In our opinion, LG StandByME is a great product with good specs packed into a small body. At the same time, it’s a very niche thing that fulfills very specific needs.

We wouldn’t say it’s a viable replacement for a traditional Smart TV, but rather a way for people to expand their home entertainment setup with an additional display.

The good & the bad

Here’s what we enjoyed about LG StandByME:

  • Good sound quality – despite its size, StandByME actually packs quite a punch when it comes to sound quality.
  • Easy Navigation – You can navigate this TV with a traditional remote, a remote app or a touch screen. We found the interface to be very intuitive and easy-to-follow.
  • Good screen quality – the LED screen offers a satisfactory viewing experience, especially given the size.
  • Great option if you don’t have much space – Because of its size and the attached stand, this TV is a perfect option for students or people living in smaller apartments.

Here’s what we disliked:

  • Quite short – when placed in a horizontal setting, StandByME measures up to 1.27m. Vertically, it measures 1.40m. It’s definitely designed for use while sitting down. If you’re a taller person, you might have a hard time using the touch screen while standing.
  • Bad viewing at angles – just like the name suggests, StandByME is supposed to be near you to make the most of its screen quality. If you look at it from an angle, you won’t see much!
  • Short battery life – with three hours of battery life, StandByME doesn’t offer that much. Given portability is one of the biggest selling points, we were expecting the screen to last longer.

Is LG StandByME A TV Or A Monitor?

While StandByME is meant to be a TV, it definitely can also be used as a monitor. Hook it up to your laptop as an additional display or use it as a portable gaming monitor.

How Much Is LG StandByME?

Currently, StandByME costs $999.99.

Where To Buy LG StandByME In The USA?

You can buy LG StandByME on LG’s website. It’s also available through Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.

LG StandByME Alternatives

StandByME is an extremely unique product. Currently, there are no similar, battery-powered TVs on the market that could measure against it. What’s more, this LG product can double as a monitor, giving you an additional display surface. It’s hard to find anything similar on the current market, except for…

LG StandByME Go

StandByME Go takes portability to the next level by giving you a 27-inch screen packed into a suitcase. This is a great, albeit niche product with very narrow uses. For example, it can be useful for outdoor videographers or to watch a movie on a picnic.

LG StandByME Go goes for $1199.99.

Can I Control LG StandByME With LG TV Remote App?

Yes! LG StandByME is WebOS-based. That means you can control it with our LG TV remote app. Here’s how you can easily connect it to any LG TV:

  1. Connect your TV and iPhone or Android smartphone to the same Wi-Fi.
  2. Launch the remote app and go through quick onboarding.
  3. Pick your LG StandByME from the list of available TVs.

Once the app establishes a connection you can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote! Take advantage of Premium features – Keyboard, Mouse Pointer and App Launcher. Control volume, change channels and easily navigate any LG TV!

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