All LG TV Models Ever Produced: The Definitive List

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Current And Discontinued LG TV Models List

Looking for a new LG TV, or simply curious about the different models that have been released over the years? This article is for you! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the LG TV models that have ever been released, including those that are currently available, those that have been discontinued, and even models that are available for pre-order.

Not only is this article an informative resource for anyone looking to purchase an LG TV, it’s also a fun journey through the evolution of technology. You’ll be amazed at how much has changed over the years, from the earliest models to the cutting-edge technology of today.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply looking for a new TV, this article is sure to provide you with valuable insights and information. So why wait? Dive in and discover everything there is to know about LG’s impressive lineup of TV models!

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LG Company: a brief history

LG Corporation, formerly known as Lucky-Goldstar, was founded in 1947 in South Korea. Originally, the company produced household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and radios. However, in the 1980s, LG entered the television market, and over the years, it has become one of the most prominent players in the industry.

In the 1980s and 1990s, LG produced CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions. These bulky sets were the most common type of TV at the time and offered a relatively low-resolution picture. However, in the early 2000s, LG started producing flat-screen LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions. These sets were much thinner and lighter than CRTs and offered a higher resolution picture.

Full LG logo on white background

In 2013, LG released its first OLED television. This technology has revolutionized the television industry, and LG has been at the forefront of this technology since its inception.

Today, LG produces a wide range of televisions, including LED, LCD, and OLED models. The company’s OLED TVs are widely regarded as some of the best available, thanks to their impressive picture quality and innovative design.

In addition to its television business, LG is involved in many other industries, including electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications. The company is committed to innovation and quality, and it continues to be a major player in the global market.

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What do LG TV model numbers mean?

Have you ever felt like LG TV model numbers are a secret code you can’t crack? Fear not! Let’s decode them together. In this article, you will see a lot of seemingly random lines of letters and numbers. Behind each stands a fully fledged TV unit!

Every LG TV model number is like a tiny treasure trove of information about the TV’s features and specifications. The first few digits usually indicate the screen size in inches, while the letters that follow can tell you the series or category of the TV.

Wall-mounted LG TV with black screen, next to two white shelves

But that’s not all! The model number also reveals the year the TV was released and the type of display technology used. So, for example, LG 65UN69 means a 65 inch LG TV with U-type screen matrix, manufactured in 2020 (N stands for 2020), series 6, level 9.

And if you see some extra letters or numbers at the end, those may indicate specific features like a curved screen or smart TV functionality.

In short, LG TV model numbers might look intimidating at first, but they’re actually a helpful tool for finding the perfect TV for your needs. So don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper and unlock the secrets of those mysterious model numbers!

Use LG TV with a remote app

iPhone with LG TV Remote app on the screen. An LG TV that is wall-mounted

If you’re looking for an easy way to control your LG TV, then using the LG TV Remote Control Plus app is a game-changer. This free LG TV remote app allows you to use your iPhone or iPad as a remote control, making it easy to navigate through your favorite shows and movies with just a few taps. Download it for free in the Apple App Store.

This 3rd party LG TV app comes with some premium features that make the experience even better. With a built-in keyboard, trackpad, and app launcher, you can type in search terms, move your cursor around the screen, and launch your favorite apps without ever having to pick up your TV remote.

A person holding an iPhone with both hands. The iPhone has the LG TV Remote Control Plus app interface on the screen

This makes browsing content on your LG TV a breeze, and it’s especially useful if you’re using apps that require a lot of typing, like web browsers or social media platforms.

So, if you’re looking for a convenient and efficient way to control your LG TV, give the LG TV Remote Control Plus app a try.

Download LG TV Remote Control Plus for free in the Apple App Store.

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Current LG TV Lineup

LG OLED models available to preorder

  1. LG 55 OLED evo C3
  2. LG 65 OLED evo C3
  3. LG 65 OLED evo G3
  4. LG 77 OLED evo C3
  5. LG 83 OLED evo C3
  6. LG 77 OLEd evo G3
  7. LG 83 OLED evo G3


What is OLED?

A store display with LG OLED TVs.

LG’s OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology is one of the most advanced display technologies available today. Unlike traditional LED displays, which use a backlight to illuminate the screen, OLED displays use self-illuminating pixels to create images. This allows for deeper blacks, brighter whites, and more vivid colors, as each pixel can be individually turned on or off as needed.

Benefits of OLED

One of the key benefits of OLED technology is its ability to produce true black colors. Because each pixel can be turned off completely, OLED displays can create much deeper blacks than LED displays, which always emit some amount of light even when displaying black.

Another benefit of OLED technology is its wide viewing angles. Because each pixel emits its own light, there is no need for a backlight, which can cause issues with viewing angles on traditional LED displays. With an OLED display, the image remains consistent even when viewed from off-center angles.

OLED displays are also incredibly thin and lightweight, making them ideal for use in slim and sleek TV designs. They are also energy-efficient, as they do not require a backlight to operate.

Overall, OLED technology brings a new level of image quality and performance to the table, and offers a range of benefits for users, including deeper blacks, wider viewing angles, and energy efficiency. Whether you’re a gamer, movie enthusiast, or just looking for a high-quality display for everyday use, OLED technology is definitely worth considering.

LG TV with WebOS interface, next to a radiator

LG TV OLED Models List

  1. LG 55 OLED evo G3
  2. LG 55 OLED evo C2
  3. LG 65 OLED evo C2
  4. LG 77 OLED evo C2
  5. LG 83 OLED evo C2
  6. LG 77 OLED evo Gallery Edition G2
  7. LG 97 OLED evo Gallery Edition G2
  8. LG 65 OLED evo Gallery Edition G2
  9. LG 83 OLED evo Gallery Edition G2
  10. LG 65 OLED B2 PUA series
  11. LG 55 OLED B2 PUA series
  12. LG 77 OLED B2 PUA series
  13. LG 55 OLED A2 PUA series
  14. LG 65 OLED A2 PUA series
  15. LG 88 OLED 8K Z2 PUA series
  16. LG Signature 77 OLED 8K Z2 PUA series
  17. LG Signature 65 OLED R
  18. LG 55 OLED Objet Collection Posé
  19. LG 48 OLED Objet Collection Posé
  20. LG OLED Flex
  21. LG 48 OLED C1
  22. LG 77 OLED A1
  23. LG 55 OLED AUA series
  24. LG 77 OLED AUA series
  25. LG 65 OLED AUA series
  26. LG 83 OLED AUA series
  27. LG 55 OLED 65B2 AUA series
  28. LG 65 OLED 65B2 AUA series
  29. LG 77 OLED 65B2 AUA series

App icons on the LG TV interface - Spotify, TED and Mirror for Roku AirBeamTV

LG TV UQA Models

  1. LG 65 QNED85 UQA series
  2. LG 86 QNED85 UQA series
  3. LG 75 QNED85 UQA series
  4. LG 55 QNED85 UQA series
  5. LG 65 NANO75 UQA series
  6. LG 70 NANO75 UQA series
  7. LG 75 NANO75 UQA series
  8. LG 86 NANO75 UQA series
  9. LG 55 QNED80 UQA series
  10. LG 65 QNED80 UQA series
  11. LG 75 QNED80 UQA series
  12. LG 86 QNED80 UQA series

An LG TV with an image of people playing street basketball

LG TV UQ series Models

  1. LG 43 UQ7590 series
  2. LG 70 UQ7590 series
  3. LG 75 UQ7590 series
  4. LG 86 UQ7590 series
  5. LG 55 UQ9000 PUD series
  6. LG 65 UQ9000 PUD series
  7. LG 70 UQ9000 PUD series
  8. LG 75 UQ9000 PUD series
  9. LG 50 UQ7570 PUJ series
  10. LG 55 UQ7570 PUJ series
  11. LG 65 UQ7570 PUJ series
  12. LG 43 UQ7070 ZUD series
  13. LG 70 UQ7070 ZUD series
  14. LG 75 UQ7070 ZUD series
  15. LG 86 UQ7070 ZUD series
  16. LG 50 UQ7070 ZUE series
  17. LG 55 UQ7070 ZUE series
  18. LG 65 UQ7070 ZUE series
  19. LG 50 UQ8000 AUB series
  20. LG 55 UQ8000 AUB series
  21. LG 65 UQ8000 AUB series
  22. LG 70 UQ8000 AUB series

An LG TV standing on a wooden drawer. It has a black screen

LG QNED TV models

LG QNED TVs combine quantum dots and NanoCell technology for stunning picture quality. Quantum dots produce more accurate colors while NanoCell filters out unwanted light and enhances contrast. The result is a more precise and immersive viewing experience, even in bright environments. QNED TVs also feature advanced processing technologies, such as the α9 Gen 4 AI Processor, for improved picture and sound quality in real-time.


QNED and OLED are both very fresh and innovative LG TV technologies. But which one should you pick, and which one will suit your needs best?

When it comes to choosing between LG QNED and OLED TVs, it depends on your preferences and viewing habits. OLED TVs have individually lit pixels that can turn on and off independently, resulting in perfect black levels and exceptional contrast.

An image of a football on an LG TV

They are also capable of displaying a wider range of colors and have excellent viewing angles. However, OLED TVs can suffer from image retention or burn-in if static images are displayed for long periods.

On the other hand, LG QNED TVs offer excellent color accuracy and brightness, making them a great choice for bright rooms. They also have a longer lifespan than OLED TVs and are less prone to burn-in.

However, QNED TVs don’t have the same perfect black levels and contrast that OLED TVs do. Overall, OLED is better for dark rooms and cinephiles who demand the best image quality, while QNED is better for bright rooms and gamers who prioritize color accuracy and brightness.

An LG TV with WebOS interface on the screen and a background image of a house on a cliff.


  1. LG 65 MiniLED 90 Series
  2. LG 75 MiniLED 90 Series
  3. LG 86 MiniLED 90 Series
  4. LG 65 QNED MiniLED 99 series
  5. LG 75 QNED MiniLED 99 series
  6. LG 86 QNED MiniLED 99 series
  7. LG 55 QNED80 AQA series
  8. LG 65 QNED80 AQA series
  9. LG 75 QNED80 AQA series
  10. LG 86 QNED80 AQA series
  11. LG 55 QNED85 AQA series
  12. LG 65 QNED85 AQA series
  13. LG 75 QNED85 AQA series
  14. LG 86 QNED85 AQA series


UHD (Ultra High Definition) TVs have four times as many pixels as Full HD, providing incredible detail and a more immersive viewing experience. They also offer a wider color gamut and are future-proof with features like HDR. UHD TVs are becoming more affordable and accessible, making them a great option for anyone looking for high-quality image quality.

A man in an electronics store, looking at TVs on shelves.

Keep in mind that this list by no means includes all LG UHD TV models. The models you’ll find below belong to the 70 and 80 series. Their main characteristic is their UHD, or 4k capabilities.

  1. LG 50 UHD 70 Series
  2. LG 43 UHD 70 Series
  3. LG 55 UHD 70 Series
  4. LG 65 UHD 70 Series
  5. LG 70 UHD 70 Series
  6. LG 75 UHD 70 Series
  7. LG 70 UHD 80 Series
  8. LG 75 UHD 80 Series
  9. LG 43 UHD 80 Series

Other LG TV Models

  1. LG 32 LQ63OB AUA series
  2. LG 32 LQOB PUA series
  3. LG 70 UN UHD

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Discontinued LG TV models

LG has been making flat-screen TVs for a while now. So, it is no wonder they have discontinued a lot of the models. Let’s go through the entire list of all 548 discontinued LG TV models.

Discontinued LG TV 55” Models List

LG 55EA TV Models

  1. 55EC930V
  2. 55EA980W
  3. 55EA970W
  4. 55EA880W
  5. 55EA870V
  6. 55EA865V
  7. 55EA860V
  8. 55EA770V
  9. 55EA750V
  10. 55EA740V
  11. 55EA730V
  12. 55EA725V
  13. 55EA720V
  14. 55EA690V
  15. 55EA580V
  16. 55EA9809
  17. 55EC940V
  18. 55EA985W
  19. 55EA975W
  20. 55EA9709
  21. 55EA9659
  22. 55EA8809
  23. 55EA8709
  24. 55EA8609
  25. 55EA8559
  26. 55EA8509
  27. 55EA8479
  28. 55EA7809
  29. 55EA7709
  30. 55EA7609
  31. 55EA7509
  32. 55EA7409
  33. 55EA7309
  34. 55EA7259
  35. 55EA7209
  36. 55EA6909
  37. 55EA6859
  38. 55EA6749
  39. 55EA6739
  40. 55EA6719
  41. 55EA6709
  42. 55EA6609
  43. 55EA6519
  44. 55EA6509
  45. 55EA6439
  46. 55EA6419
  47. 55EA6409
  48. 55EA6379
  49. 55EA6359
  50. 55EA6239
  51. 55EA6139
  52. 55EA6109
  53. 55EA5909
  54. 55EA5859
  55. 55EA5809
  56. 55EA5759
  57. 55EA5709
  58. 55EA5509
  59. 55EA5409
  60. 55EA5309
  61. 55EA5209

Three men sitting on a couch, cheering

LG 55LA TV Models

  1. 55LA970W
  2. 55LA965W
  3. 55LA860W
  4. 55LA790W
  5. 55LA740V
  6. 55LA690W
  7. 55LA680W
  8. 55LA660V
  9. 55LA620V
  10. 55LA613V
  11. 55LA610V
  12. 55LA580V
  13. 55LA575V
  14. 55LA570V
  15. 55LA550V
  16. 55LA540V
  17. 55LA9659
  18. 55LA9709
  19. 55LA9659
  20. 55LA9609
  21. 55LA890W
  22. 55LA8609
  23. 55LA7909
  24. 55LA7409
  25. 55LA6909
  26. 55LA6809
  27. 55LA6609
  28. 55LA6209
  29. 55LA6139
  30. 55LA6109
  31. 55LA5809
  32. 55LA5759
  33. 55LA5709
  34. 55LA5509
  35. 55LA5409
  36. 55LA5379
  37. 55LA5359
  38. 55LA5309
  39. 55LA5209
  40. 55LA5139
  41. 55LA5109
  42. 55LA4909
  43. 55LA4709
  44. 55LA4609
  45. 55LA4459
  46. 55LA4409
  47. 55LA4309
  48. 55LA4209
  49. 55LA4009
  50. 55LA3959
  51. 55LA3919
  52. 55LA3459
  53. 55LA3409
  54. 55LA3359
  55. 55LA3339
  56. 55LA3309
  57. 55LA3239
  58. 55LA3209
  59. 55LA3009
  60. 55LA2959
  61. 55LA2919
  62. 55LA2709
  63. 55LA2509
  64. 55LA2409
  65. 55LA2209
  66. 55LA2109
  67. 55LA2009
  68. 55LA1209
  69. 55LA1109
  70. 55LA1029
  71. 55LA1019
  72. 55LA1009
  73. 55LA9709
  74. 55LA9659
  75. 55LA9609

A woman sits on her bed with a cat next to her. She's holding a remote in her hand

LG 55LB TV Models

  1. 55LB870V
  2. 55LB860V
  3. 55LB730V
  4. 55LB700V
  5. 55LB671V
  6. 55LB670V
  7. 55LB650V
  8. 55LB630V
  9. 55LB620V
  10. 55LB610V
  11. 55LB582V
  12. 55LB580V
  13. 55LB570V
  14. 55LB561V
  15. 55LB5610
  16. 55LB550V
  17. 55LB5820

LG 55UB TV Models

  1. 55UB950V
  2. 55UB950S
  3. 55UB850V
  4. 55UB830V
  5. 55UB820V
  6. 55UB800V

A family of a dad, daughter and mom sit on a couch. The daughter is holding a bucket of popcorn

LG 55UC TV Models

  1. 55UC970V
  2. 55UC970T

LG 55UK TV Models

  1. 55UK7700PLA
  2. 55UK7550PLA
  3. 55UK7500PLA
  4. 55UK6950PLB
  5. 55UK6750PLD
  6. 55UK6500PLA
  7. 55UK6400PLF
  8. 55UK6300PLB
  9. 55UK6200PLA
  10. 55UK6100PLB
  11. 55UK6470PLC
  12. 55UK6500PLA
  13. 55UK6400PLF
  14. 55UK6750PLD
  15. 55UK6950PLB
  16. 55UK7550PLA
  17. 55UK7700PLA
  18. 55UK8500PLA
  19. 55UK6300MLB
  20. 55UK7550MLA
  21. 55UK8500MLA
  22. 55UK6300PLB
  23. 55UK6100PLB

Two people watch football on TV

LG 55UJ TV Models

  1. 55UJ750V
  2. 55UJ670V
  3. 55UJ635V
  4. 55UJ634V
  5. 55UJ630V
  6. 55UJ625V
  7. 55UJ620V
  8. 55UJ615V
  9. 55UJ635Y
  10. 55UJ634Y
  11. 55UJ630Y
  12. 55UJ625Y
  13. 55UJ620Y
  14. 55UJ615Y
  15. 55UJ7505
  16. 55UJ7504
  17. 55UJ750VZA
  18. 55UJ7507
  19. 55UJ7509
  20. 55UJ6705
  21. 55UJ6704
  22. 55UJ670VZA
  23. 55UJ6707
  24. 55UJ6709
  25. 55UJ6355
  26. 55UJ635VZA
  27. 55UJ6357
  28. 55UJ6359
  29. 55UJ6345
  30. 55UJ634VZA
  31. 55UJ6347
  32. 55UJ6349
  33. 55UJ6305
  34. 55UJ630VZA
  35. 55UJ6307
  36. 55UJ6309
  37. 55UJ6255
  38. 55UJ625VZA
  39. 55UJ6257
  40. 55UJ6259
  41. 55UJ6205
  42. 55UJ620VZA
  43. 55UJ6207
  44. 55UJ6209
  45. 55UJ6155
  46. 55UJ615VZA
  47. 55UJ6157
  48. 55UJ6159

A woman with a bandana around her head and a cleaning rag in her hand is watching a TV series on an LG TV

LG 55SJ TV Models

  1. 55SJ810V
  2. 55SJ800V
  3. 55SJ810Y
  4. 55SJ800Y
  5. 55SJ850V
  6. 55SJ850Y
  7. 55SJ950V
  8. 55SJ950Y
  9. 55SJ850T
  10. 55SJ950T
  11. 55SJ810T
  12. 55SJ800T
  13. 55SJ8109
  14. 55SJ8009
  15. 55SJ8509
  16. 55SJ9509
  17. 55SJ8105
  18. 55SJ8005
  19. 55SJ8505
  20. 55SJ9505
  21. 55SJ8104
  22. 55SJ8004
  23. 55SJ8504
  24. 55SJ9504
  25. 55SJ850TZA
  26. 55SJ950TZA
  27. 55SJ810TZA
  28. 55SJ800TZA
  29. 55SJ8509ZA
  30. 55SJ9509ZA
  31. 55SJ8105ZA
  32. 55SJ8005ZA
  33. 55SJ8505ZA
  34. 55SJ9505ZA
  35. 55SJ8104ZA
  36. 55SJ8004ZA
  37. 55SJ8504ZA
  38. 55SJ9504ZA
  39. 55SJ8507
  40. 55SJ850V-ZD
  41. 55SJ8107
  42. 55SJ810V-ZD
  43. 55SJ8007
  44. 55SJ800V-ZD
  45. 55SJ8109-ZF
  46. 55SJ8009-ZF
  47. 55SJ8509-ZF
  48. 55SJ9509

Three LG Nanocell TVs lined up

LG 55LH TV Models

  1. 55LH604V
  2. 55LH604T
  3. 55LH590V
  4. 55LH545V
  5. 55LH530V
  6. 55LH515V
  7. 55LH6047
  8. 55LH604V-ZA
  9. 55LH604T-ZA
  10. 55LH590V-ZA
  11. 55LH545V-ZA
  12. 55LH530V-ZA
  13. 55LH515V-ZA

LG 55LF TV Models

  1. 55LF580V
  2. 55LF561V
  3. 55LF550V
  4. 55LF5610
  5. 55LF5809
  6. 55LF5859
  7. 55LF650V
  8. 55LF652V
  9. 55LF580V-ZA
  10. 55LF561V-ZA
  11. 55LF550V-ZA
  12. 55LF5610-ZA
  13. 55LF5809-ZA
  14. 55LF5859-ZA
  15. 55LF650V-ZA
  16. 55LF652V-ZA
  17. 55LF580V-ZE
  18. 55LF561V-ZE
  19. 55LF5809-ZE
  20. 55LF6509-ZE
  21. 55LF6529-ZE

LG TV with a screensaver of flowers

LG 55LJ TV Models

  1. 55LJ550V
  2. 55LJ625V
  3. 55LJ614V
  4. 55LJ615V
  5. 55LJ540V
  6. 55LJ535V
  7. 55LJ534V
  8. 55LJ515V
  9. 55LJ624V
  10. 55LJ5500
  11. 55LJ5500-ZA
  12. 55LJ550M
  13. 55LJ550M-ZA
  14. 55LJ6140
  15. 55LJ6140-ZA
  16. 55LJ6150
  17. 55LJ6150-ZA
  18. 55LJ624V-ZA
  19. 55LJ6250
  20. 55LJ6250-ZA
  21. 55LJ635V
  22. 55LJ635V-ZA
  23. 55LJ640V
  24. 55LJ640V-ZA
  25. 55LJ645V
  26. 55LJ645V-ZA
  27. 55LJ650V
  28. 55LJ650V-ZA

Woman holding an iPhone, pointing at LG TV

LG 55SK TV Models

  1. 55SK8000PLB
  2. 55SK8100PLA
  3. 55SK8100LLA
  4. 55SK8100RLA
  5. 55SK8500PLA
  6. 55SK8500LLA
  7. 55SK8500RLA
  8. 55SK9500PLA
  9. 55SK9500LLA
  10. 55SK9500RLA
  11. 55SK800PLA

LG 55UM TV Models

  1. 55UM7100PLB
  2. 55UM7450PLA
  3. 55UM7510PLA
  4. 55UM7600PLB
  5. 55UM7660PLA
  6. 55UM7400PLB
  7. 55UM7400PTA
  8. 55UM7450PTA
  9. 55UM7500PLA
  10. 55UM7600PTA
  11. 55UM7600PLA
  12. 55UM7660PTA
  13. 55UM7660PLA
  14. 55UM8000PLB
  15. 55UM8100PLB
  16. 55UM8200PLA
  17. 55UM8400PLA
  18. 55UM8450PLA

Discontinued LG TV 60” Models List

LG 60PN TV Models

  1. 60PN6500
  2. 60PN650T

LG 60PH TV Models

  1. 60PH670V
  2. 60PH670S
  3. 60PH660V
  4. 60PH660S

LG 60LB TV Models

  1. 60LB5800
  2. 60LB580V
  3. 60LB5610
  4. 60LB5809
  5. 60LB5859
  6. 60LB650V
  7. 60LB652V

LG 60LF TV Models

  1. 60LF630V
  2. 60LF6500
  3. 60LF650V
  4. 60LF652V
  5. 60LF6300
  6. 60LF580V
  7. 60LF561V
  8. 60LF6509
  9. 60LF6529

LG 60LX TV Models

  1. 60LX540S
  2. 60LX341C

LG 60PN TV Models

  1. 60UH770V
  2. 60UH850V
  3. 60UH7709
  4. 60UH8509
  5. 60UH770V-ZA
  6. 60UH850V-ZA

LG 60UJ TV Models

  1. 60UJ630V
  2. 60UJ651V
  3. 60UJ634V
  4. 60UJ634Y
  5. 60UJ670V
  6. 60UJ750V
  7. 60UJ7509
  8. 60UJ750V-ZD
  9. 60UJ6309-ZA
  10. 60UJ630V-ZA
  11. 60UJ635V
  12. 60UJ6307
  13. 60UJ6347
  14. 60UJ6357
  15. 60UJ6307-ZA
  16. 60UJ6347-ZA
  17. 60UJ6357-ZA
  18. 60UJ7507
  19. 60UJ7507-ZA
  20. 60UJ750V-ZC
  21. 60UJ750V-ZB

LG 60SJ TV Models

  1. 60SJ850V
  2. 60SJ8509
  3. 60SJ850V-ZD
  4. 60SJ850V-ZB
  5. 60SJ810V
  6. 60SJ8109
  7. 60SJ810V-ZE
  8. 60SJ810V-ZD
  9. 60SJ810V-ZB
  10. 60SJ800V
  11. 60SJ8009
  12. 60SJ800V-ZC
  13. 60SJ800V-ZA
  14. 60SJ800V-ZB

LG 60UK TV Models

  1. 60UK6200PLA
  2. 60UK6200MLB
  3. 60UK6200PLB
  4. 60UK6200RLB
  5. 60UK6200PTA
  6. 60UK6200MLA
  7. 60UK6300MLA
  8. 60UK6300PLB
  9. 60UK6300LLB
  10. 60UK6300RLB
  11. 60UK6300MLB
  12. 60UK6510PLB
  13. 60UK6540PLC
  14. 60UK6550PLD
  15. 60UK6950PLB
  16. 60UK6200RLA
  17. 60UK6500PLA
  18. 60UK6950PLA

LG 60UM TV Models

  1. 60UM7100PTA
  2. 60UM7100PLA
  3. 60UM7450PTA
  4. 60UM7510PLA
  5. 60UM7600PLB
  6. 60UM7660PLA
  7. 60UM7400PLB
  8. 60UM7400PTA
  9. 60UM7450PLA
  10. 60UM7500PLA
  11. 60UM7600PTA
  12. 60UM7600PLA
  13. 60UM7660PTA
  14. 60UM7660PLA

Discontinued LG TV 65” Models List

LG 65LA TV Models

  1. 65LA970V
  2. 65LA970W
  3. 65LA965V
  4. 65LA965W
  5. 65LA9709
  6. 65LA9659

LG 65UF TV Models

  1. 65UF850V
  2. 65UF950V
  3. 65UF9509
  4. 65UF950V-ZA
  5. 65UF860V
  6. 65UF8609
  7. 65UF860V-ZA

LG 65UH TV Models

  1. 65UH850V
  2. 65UH950V
  3. 65UH770V
  4. 65UH8509
  5. 65UH9509
  6. 65UH7709
  7. 65UH950V-ZA
  8. 65UH850V-ZA
  9. 65UH9509-ZA

LG 65UJ TV Models

  1. 65UJ630V
  2. 65UJ630V
  3. 65UJ634V
  4. 65UJ635V
  5. 65UJ6307
  6. 65UJ6347
  7. 65UJ6357
  8. 65UJ670V
  9. 65UJ750V
  10. 65UJ7509
  11. 65UJ750V-ZA

LG 65UK TV Models

  1. 65UK6200PLA
  2. 65UK6200MLB
  3. 65UK6200PLB
  4. 65UK6200RLB
  5. 65UK6200PTA
  6. 65UK6200MLA
  7. 65UK6300MLA
  8. 65UK6300PLB
  9. 65UK6300LLB
  10. 65UK6300RLB
  11. 65UK6300MLB
  12. 65UK6300PLA
  13. 65UK6400PLF
  14. 65UK6400PLF.AEK
  15. 65UK6400PLF.AEU
  16. 65UK6400PLF.AFN
  17. 65UK6400PLF.AGB
  18. 65UK6400PLF.AHB
  19. 65UK6400PLF.AIR
  20. 65UK6400PLF.AKZ
  21. 65UK6400PLF.ALU
  22. 65UK6400PLF.AMN
  23. 65UK6400PLF.ANE
  24. 65UK6400PLF.ANR
  25. 65UK6400PLF.APS
  26. 65UK6400PLF.ASE
  27. 65UK6400PLF.AUA
  28. 65UK6400PLF.AUS
  29. 65UK6400PLF.AWE
  30. 65UK6400PLF.AZA
  31. 65UK6400PLF.EKR
  32. 65UK6750PLD
  33. 65UK6750PLD.AEK
  34. 65UK6750PLD.AEU
  35. 65UK6750PLD.AFN
  36. 65UK6750PLD.AGB
  37. 65UK6750PLD.AHB
  38. 65UK6750PLD.AIR
  39. 65UK6750PLD.AKZ
  40. 65UK6750PLD.ALU
  41. 65UK6750PLD.AMN
  42. 65UK6750PLD.ANE
  43. 65UK6750PLD.ANR
  44. 65UK6750PLD.APS
  45. 65UK6750PLD.ASE
  46. 65UK6750PLD.AUA
  47. 65UK6750PLD.AUS


LG has an extensive range of TV models, catering to a variety of budgets and requirements. From their latest models available for pre-order, such as the OLED C1 and QNED Mini LED QNED99, to their current lineup, which includes the OLED BX and NanoCell NANO81, LG offers consumers a vast array of options.

While some of their older models have been discontinued, they still remain excellent choices for those looking for a high-quality television at a more affordable price point.

With its commitment to innovation and quality, LG continues to be a leading brand in the television market, providing customers with outstanding picture quality, sound, and features. Whether you are looking for a basic TV or a top-of-the-line model, LG has something for everyone.


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